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Great buisiness thrive when great designs are geared towards Return on Investment. Our model is simple, Marketing/Sales first. The other ingredients follows.

Engineering & Manufacturing


From embedded systems to software to heavy duty machines, our flexibility extends from prototypes to high volume orders, from initial design engineering assistance to just-in-time manufacturing, Our highly skilled employees are ready to apply their expert craftsmanship to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. We a 6000sq ft. Tools shop in Africa and has the capacity to fabricate most designs.

Custom HR Solution for businesses.


Try custom API solution for your business, custom design to help you find the right talent for your organisation. Coming in May 2020.


Designs and solutions that works

These days, a digital presence is a must for all businesses. Sometimes, though, a website just isn't in the budget.

Codelab LLC.  experts helps businesses establish a stronger presence online with search-optimized business profile pages.

Our SEO and Online Presence expert is devoted to your business, your products, and your services. Now, new customers can easily find you in local online searches and you can enable and track mobile activity/redemptions from these consumers.



We start your marketing strategy by first taking stock of your marketing assets – what you have and what you don’t. We determine what’s working for you, what’s not, what can be improved, and where the opportunities are. And of course, we speak with you about your company’s goals.

Then our marketing experts work on your value proposition (your offer), what separates you from your competitors, who we should target, and how we should target them.

Once we’ve determined who your customer is, we implement strategies across PPC ads, social media, SEO, content, and email to reach your goals.

Branding is our strategy​.

we are definately not your average joe agency

Successful business are great at branding and staying on top of the business of listen and serving their customers needs. How well does your brand communicate with your customers? How often do you listen to their needs?  

Vere Efe

Project Manager

Roman Kukharets

Content and Marketing Manager

CJ Charles

Graphics and Web Design

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Be it new or existing business, we have the tools and people to get you started. We have the capabilities to handle, Digital Marketing,  Funnel marketing based custom websites – geared towards return-on-investment. 


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We are local to the State of Maryland. However, we do have clients all around Washington DC, Virginia and Other part of U.S and the world.